Application of protease in leather industry 

The aim of biotechnology is to create safe, healthy, clean and disease free world. They are working on providing better lifestyle for the people with the innovative use of biological tools, like gene therapy for cure of heriditary disorders and use of bioremidiation for clean environment.

Industrial biotechnology is solely working on  providing the useful products and for clean environment with renewable energy sources. The use of enzymes in industrial biotechnology is just like hear to the body. Among the industrial enzymes the key enzymes are 

  • Cellulase 
  • Protease 
  • Lipase 

Among these enzymes almost 60% comprises of protease production.

Get aware of bioterrorism 

We all know the level of destruction caused by the atomic bombs and chemical weapons. The idea for holding the command on whole planet among the existing super powers and and arsing one has gone to another level. The bionic army is key interest of weapon industry and defence intelligence institutions.

People are raising questions that why the hazardous viruses, bacteria are kept in safe labourtries? 

Some of them believe that these deadly means or mass destruction are kept in order to weak the enemy.

Is Cancer a conspiracy??? 

Social media has become an integral components of human life.  One has been addicted to social media due to the interest and updates happening around the domestic and global markets.  But nowadays many irrelevant and fake news are being circulated in social media. One of it was about Cancer.

Many concipiracy theoriests has allegedly write and speaks that Cancer is not actual disease but it is the cruel tactic of pharmaceutical companies to gain revenue.

Expression Vectors A brief introduction 


Expression vectors are the types of vectors that are used to insert gene into host cell that expresses protein (most of the times)  or mRNA transcript.

In case it we are talking about inserting insulin gene into bacterial cell we need expression vectors so that our gene efficiently transferred and then expressed into bacterial cell. 

For expression of our protein into the bacterial cell the gene utilizes hosts transcriptional and translational machinery.